10 Easy Ways To Be Healthier And Feel More Alive Every Single Day!

10 Easy Ways To Be Healthier And Feel More Alive Every Single Day!

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1.) Get A Full 8 Hours Of Restful Sleep

Sleep can be considered the most important thing for you to do in order to boost your health. The benefits are endless; improve focus, feel more alive, keep your heart healthy, boost immune system, reduce stress and much more. But it's not about how long you sleep, more so the quality of which your sleep was. 

One huge mistake is not tracking your sleep; going to bed at 10:00 and waking up at 6:00 doesn't exactly mean you slept for 8 hours, it only means you were in bed for that time. Who knows how many times you woke up without remembering, or if you were in deep sleep or not, or even if you got any sleep at all.

My preferred fitness tracker is the FitBit Sense which not only provides great metrics for sleep through it's app, but also provides you with other fitness data such as stress levels and heart rate. You might track your calories, the amount of gas in your car, how much money there is in your bank account, so why not track the most important thing for our health - sleep. 

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2.) Have At Least 10 Minutes To Yourself 

Life can be busy with work, family, friends constantly knocking at our door. It's essential to make time for yourself, or you'll feel overwhelmed with everything going on in your life.

Maybe do some painting, try some yoga, meditate, journal - all of these are a way of self reflection and can improve awareness. Even just 10 minutes can make the world of a difference. 

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3.) Implement Physical Activity Daily

Whether it's running, hiking, biking, yoga or even walking, it's essential as a human being to incorporate some sort of vigorous activity in our daily lives.

Why?.. Well, it not only hugely reduces the chances of developing disease such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease but it also improves mood, immune system and overall health like nothing else.

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4.) Turn Off All Blue Light Before Bed

By disrupting melatonin production (sleep hormone), smartphone light ruins sleep schedules which can lead to poor quality sleep and countless health problems. 

Studies have shown that not using any electronics an hour prior to going to bed can help boost memory, reduce mental health issues, improve mood and even reduce cancer risk. 

A solution to this is using high quality blue light blocker glasses. Most glasses are cheap quality and don't actually do the job, so after speaking to an expert on the subject, these are the blue light blockers that I personally use.

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5.) Get 20 Minutes Of Sun Daily 

We all know that Superman gets his powers from the sun, but did you know that we have the same ability? Okay, maybe we can't shoot laser beams out of our eyes or fly at the speed of light but we can see huge improvements in our life with just 20 minutes of sun a day.

It'll leave you feeling refreshed, with more energy, increased happiness, and who knows, you might even get a fresh tan. 

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6.) Eat Proper Meals 

This has been a real struggle since becoming a mother!

Eating small snacks throughout the day may not seem like much at first, but it adds up and not to mention it's usually not very nutritious leaving you feeling sluggish and tired all day. Take the time to treat yourself to a satiating meal that'll leave you feeling more alive than ever before.

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7.) Drink Smarter 

Most people look past the importance of what they drink without realising how many calories it may contain. For example, a glass of soda has 105 calories and 9 cubes of sugar... shocking!

It's time to cut out the soda, alcohol and creamy coffee and replace it with water, green tea or herbal tea. Not only will you have better health and skin, but your body will thank you in the long run.  

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8.) Stand More Than You Sit

Sitting hours every day at a desk or even your couch could be leaving you with health problems and you may not even realise. Humans were born to be active, to stay on our feet constantly, going against the biology of the human body could be detrimental to our health. 

Keep this rule in mind and remember to stand more than you sit, this way you'll get more blood flow to your legs, while getting additional daily movement.

If you work at home or in an office, consider buying a standing desk or a desk riser which are both priceless investments for your health. 

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9.) Try Walking Barefoot Outdoors

This is a practice known as grounding or earthing. Science shows that walking on the sand at the beach or walking on the grass in your garden has many anti inflammatory properties.

The electrical charges from the earth can have many profound effects on your body, such as reducing chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders.

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10.) Take A Cold Shower 

I know, I know, you hate cold showers. I did too, but hear me out. It can be daunting at first but you'll learn to love them, not only because of the countless benefits such as boosting immune system and improving skin but because it's an amazing way to kickstart your day without needing coffee.

Just have a normal shower first, and in the last minute of the shower turn the water on the coldest setting. It'll seem unbearable at first but the body becomes used to the cold by the third day.

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